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on the pitch

We open up new business oportunities for sports properties by empowering their community.

This is where Owqlo plays

Owqlo manages competitions with the best digital tools in a brand new ecosystem that connects on-court and off-court sports.

Tournaments & Leagues

Owqlo provides coaches, players and families with a secure environment to grow using responsible technology.

Academies & Clubs

Owqlo engages the sports properties users by personalized and user-friendly products to raise their experience.

Communities & Fans

This is what Owqlo believes

Owqlo is a new operating system founded by renowned experts in the fields of sport, technology, communication and business. We are an ambitious and highly productive group of people with the right mix of professional skills and a strong sense of teamwork. Attempting to build and innovate for Owqlo to become the smart connector for people who love sports.

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